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City of Wonder

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

6/26: I was browsing around PNWA’s online weekly publication, Author Minute, and came across this article: The Horse Ate the Alligator: Following the Rules…unless you don’t want to (by Jennifer Paros). It is a short piece questioning the influence of the universal “Right” and “Wrong” on one’s writing. I’ve always felt that it is most important to write for myself before considering the opinions of others’; this article only makes me more determined to keep believing so. It’s well worth a read, in my opinion: so check it out! :)

Songs of the Moment: Disturbia - Rihanna ; Viva la Vida - Coldplay; How I Could Just Kill A Man - Charlotte Sometimes; and Someone to Save You - OneRepublic

I’m going to try to remember to keep up this new ’song of the moment’ idea; I thought it might be sort of interesting, for visitors to my current favorite songs…I’ve been purchasing from iTunes practically daily, so I should be able to keep listing new songs.

Regarding the PNWA Literary Contest

Today I received my two critiques in the mail, for the story I submitted for this year’s contest. They are chiefly positive and encouraging: I don’t want to copy exactly what was written, because that would seem like a more stealthy form of plagiarism, but I will point out one positive comment at the end that I took very much to heart:

Overall, this writer is developing an interesting story that, when finished, will have a strong appeal to YA audiences.

That completely made my day. I doubt they’re reading this, but I sincerely thank both people–whoever you are–who took the time to give me such detailed feedback on my writing.

I guess I can’t explain exactly how world-shaking this feels for me. Writing is what I want to do for the rest of my life–of course it’s incredibly important to me–and knowing that professionals feel I’m capable of becoming an author…it only makes me even more determined, and excited, to keep working.

Regarding Running Start: College!

I started my first official college course–Algebra 1–today! The teacher seems very pleasant–she smiles all the time, and I can tell she really wants her students to understand and enjoy learning–and the other students are friendly. It’s strange, because during the two- or three-week period that led up to this day, I kept wondering about this class: what it would be like, if it would make a good first impression on me–and I on it–and just in general how I would feel about it. It seemed like such a big deal: college! However, now that the first day is behind me…I don’t see the big deal anymore. Yes, it’s quite a change, and an important one at that: but the actual process of going to school, studying, learning, doing homework…it’s doesn’t feel as new to me as I expected it would. This realization surprises me, but it’s more than welcome.

I don’t think I need to warn anyone: whenever you hear the word ‘college’ you mentally associate the word ‘homework’ (and probably ‘work’, too) with it. At least, this is what I assume. So it shouldn’t be news to anyone that I won’t have as much time online anymore. I’ll still blog, and work on the site when I can–really, as of recently I haven’t been the ever-diligent webmistress I used to be, so it’s not that big a change anyway.

Regarding Ellensburg, WA

Recently, my parents and I took a day trip to one of our favorite towns: Ellensburg. With a population of 15,000+, it’s a decent-sized town: the official downtown is beautiful and historical, with many old brick buildings, tree-lined streets, and a general old-time charm. I took several pictures (from the car) of the drive to and from Ellensburg, and I thought I’d post them here: I think they turned out pretty well, for being taken in the car! Baby never fails me. :lol: Hover over the photos for a short description of each one.

On the drive to Ellensburg--my soul reaches out to these mountains, they're so breathtaking! On the drive to Ellensburg--more mountains!

Near Ellensburg. Showcasing the reason why I love this area: rolling hills! More rolling hills, and farm land.

On the drive home--mountains again! On the drive home. My favorite photograph: look at how yellow the sunset is!

To end this picture-filled post, I’ll tag another photo: this one was taken in my backyard. The model was incredibly cooperative. ;) I took this (and several others) through the closed window, and I’m surprised with how well they turned out!

One thing I love about where we live: the abundant (and fairly friendly!) wildlife.

I hope by the next photo post I’ll have acquired an image-viewing plugin: the organizationalist in me cringes at my sloppy attaching-images-in-post laziness; hopefully I’ll improve next time! ;)

Oh–I almost forgot. I also changed my CSS around a bit–again. I drew a cute little magnifying glass to replace the ’search’ button, too. :) It’s not perfect–I need to figure out a way to align it better–but I like it better than a boring button. I know what you’re thinking: she’s CSS-obsessed. I am. :) And I proudly admit it! ;)

Sayonara High School

Monday, June 2nd, 2008

Current Mood:Content emoticon Content & Sarcastic emoticon Sarcastic

Before reading this post, please go visit my new affiliate Ellen from Fairytaled and comment and show some love! :)

Yes…it’s been awhile. Rest assured, I haven’t been body-snatched by an earth-raiding alien, or taken hostage by gorilla guy, or anything. (If, however, you want to read about body-snatching, I would suggest picking up The Host, by one of my favorite authors, Stephenie Meyer, of Twilight Saga fame. I’m nearly finished with the novel, which she has described as “science fiction for people who don’t like science fiction” and I must say, though it can’t top Twilight, it’s definitely going to be added to my ‘favorite novel’ list sometime soon!) I’ve been very preoccupied coming up with my class schedule for Running Start, and as it’s a very important decision, I needed to take my time. But now that I’ve finished registering for classes, signing various acceptance forms (that usually state the same information with maybe one or two minor differences,) and trying to narrow down my list of fifty-seven desired courses to a meager twenty-one, I’m back and ready to blog!

Regarding Updates!

I have a small update for you all: two new RSS icon styles! First, we have the ever-so-popular square style in a smaller form, and, secondly, the slightly-more-original circular style, also in miniature. View the small square RSS icons here, and the small circle RSS icons here. I really appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm on my newest graphically-inclined endeavor. RSS icons are very fun to make; the styles you can apply to them are limitless, they’re small and don’t take up much space on my hard disc, and I can whip dozens out in an hour! All big bonuses when you’re pressed for time, as I currently am. Also, speaking of icons…I’m hoping to (finally) make some New Moon-themed icons in the near future. They will be channeling the style of my Twilight icons–with the book cover, faded, in the background, and a word-only quote in the foreground. I retrieved many, many quotes from the book awhile back, and I’m excited to make more icons to support my favorite book series!

Regarding the Twilight Movie….

If you’re just as excited as I am for the release of the Twilight Movie, but are afraid you won’t be able to last until the December 12th release date, why don’t you check out this awesome Twilight clip? The scene was first aired live on the MTV Movie Awards, but now it’s available for your viewing pleasure on their website! As far as I can tell, if the rest of the movie is as dramatic, intense, and…addictive…as this clip is, this film is going to be the first part in another hugely successful movie franchise!

Regarding Running Start

For those curious returning guests, I have come up with my schedule of academic goals (my fancy way of saying ‘classes’) for the next two years of my life as a college student. I will be going to college for my Associates degree, so I have a total of 90 credits to earn (plus a few extra Math courses I unfortunately have to take.) Here is a list of all the courses I plan on taking, as long as they’re available:

  1. Introductory Algebra I
  2. Introductory Algebra II
  3. Intermediate Algebra
  4. Introduction to Programming
  5. English Composition I
  6. Introduction to Literature
  7. Folklore: Myth, Folktale, and Legend
  8. Expository Writing I
  9. Survey of Anthropology
  10. Comparative Religion
  11. History of Civilization I, II, and III
  12. Introduction to Philosophy
  13. Philosophy in Literature
  14. Introduction to the Weather (Meteorology)
  15. Global Climate Change
  16. Spanish I
  17. General Psychology
  18. Introduction to Sociology
  19. Introduction to Astronomy

That concludes the all-too-short (in my opinion) list. As I said before, I originally, after perusing the course catalog, came up with a list of fifty-seven courses I was interested in. As you may have guessed, I had to make deep cuts. I’m still very excited about all the courses I am going to take; I have broad interests, and I can’t wait to learn more about the subjects I’m interested in. (Math excluded, of course. That’s strictly necessity!) If you’re curious about all the English courses (four in total) that I’ll be taking…well, I want to transfer to a four-year college after I get my Associates degree, and major in English Literature. Naturally, English is my favorite subject, not only because I’m a stickler for proper grammar, and often find myself correcting others’ usage whether or not help was asked of me, I also want to be an author…and being an English Lit major seemed a rational decision, because of that.

Regarding the Conclusion of this Post

I need to get to bed now, but I’ll comment all my loyal affiliates and friends ASAP. I want to specifically thank my wonderful affiliate Danielle for posting the entire Breaking Dawn chapter on my blog so I could read it! I did indeed read it, but I took it off the comments page because it was very long and was stretching the page quite a bit.

Oh–just a quick tidbit. Soon I will receive my critiques for my entry in the PNWA 2008 Literary Contest. I submitted part of a Young Adult novel (fantasy) I’ve been working on. When I get the critiques, I’ll post something about it up here, so everyone can know what the response to my writing was. I’m very excited! Hopefully the feedback is positive. :D If not…well, maybe I’ll paraphrase a bit. ;) Just kidding.